The answers can be here whatever you want to learn.

Do you send the products to other countries ?

Yes, We are sending the products to all over the World. We are organizing all export and logistic process for delivery to your adress. You can contact with us for more details.

If the products broke, what will happen ?

All of the products going as insured. When we are sending another city or another country , we make  special ambalage and we choose logistic company carefully. Despite everything if your products have problem, we are solving all problems with support of our after sales department.

How many times later can we get the order ?

We are producing most of the products specially for you for colors and sizes. Every product has different producing time. Also delivery time is changing for your address. You can learn exactly time when you tell us order details and adress.

Which options do you have for payment?

You have to pay minimum %30 of the invoice to confirmation order. Also you have to balance before delivery the products. You can pay us as cash or credit card.

Do your products have warranty?

Our products have 1 year warranty. You can contact with us to learn more details about warranty.

Do you install the products?

We are installing the products free in İstanbul, Turkey. For other cities and countries, you should contact us to more information.

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